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Bioaugmentation products for Wastewater applications in Papermills, Refineries, Chemical, Tanneries, Municipalities, Textiles, Steel, Agriculture, Animal feedlot,  Gun Powder plant, Food and Beverage- Dairy Products, Orange Juice factory, Wineries, Cookie factory, Vegetable processing plant, Meat packing, Barbecue Restaurant, Aquaculture, Ornamental Ponds for algae control, CAFO, Nursing homes, Military, Campgrounds, Universities, Regulatory agencies



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Filamentous Identification Lab Service. One reason to identify filaments is to determine the filaments characteristics and then determine the type present.  If the type is found out, a root cause can usually be associated with a particular filament.  If the cause is known, then a correction can be made to alleviate problems. Chlorination is only a quick fix.  Without process changes, filaments will grow back after chlorination.

Wastewater Biomass Analyses and Cooling Tower Analyses also available


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Training is an integral part of any job. Not everyone is at the same level of training. Many people want beginning concepts and basics. Some need technical information or troubleshooting. Some want equipment, technology or process information.

We have developed a full set of Basic training, Advanced training, Filamentous Identification the Easy Way as well as custom training CD's Manuals. We also provide hands-on training classes and soon will have an Online "E-University".


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At Environmental Leverage® Inc., we have a team of experienced individuals who come into your plant with a fresh pair of eyes.  The system is checked from influent to effluent.  System optimization, equipment efficiency and operational excellence are key components explored. Key Benefits Equipment efficiency Total Cost of Operation reductions Reliability and safety

An onsite audit is conducted to examine system parameters, process controls, and current monitor and control procedures. A physical walk-through is conducted, process flow diagrams are examined, previous design criteria are examined and current standard operating procedures are evaluated along with data logs.




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Bioaugmentation is the application of specifically selected bacteria (microbes) into a wastewater treatment system to enhance the system performance in some way. Bioaugmentation has many applications in all types of biological wastewater treatment systems, including once-through lagoons, activated sludge plants, sequencing batch reactors (SBR's) and rotating biological contactors (RBC's).

Very few chemicals that are treated in a waste treatment plant are really "toxic". It is usually a matter of time or numbers.  The bacteria present in a waste plant many times do not have enough time in your system when a high BOD loading or shock comes through or there are not enough numbers to sufficiently reduce the BOD before the stream hits the final effluent and violations occur. So, some companies created biological additives to increase the numbers and give the system a boost. MicroClear bacterial products wastewater
If you have an activated sludge plant, many times minor process changes coupled with close monitor and control of the biomass can help quicken upset recovery or just increase process efficiency. Not all plants need biological additives. Some just need to improve the "critical 5" parameters.


But some plants have constantly changing influents.  No matter how great a control they have, their biomass is in constant flux.  Sometimes adding a biological product or micronutrients can help stabilize and increase the efficiency of the biomass.


Many times, when a plant has a system that is old or under designed, and capital improvements would be too costly, optimization of the current system plus addition of biological products can short term help avoid costly capital improvements. Some plants discharge to a POTW. Addition of biological products in some cases can decrease the surcharges that are incurred. Sometimes in a once through lagoon, addition of bacteria can shorten recovery time, increase numbers during cold spells or high loading bursts.


Bioaugmentation Applications and Product Knowledge. Click this sentence link for our Product CatalogMicroClear 207

Pulp and Papermill, Gun Powder plant, Cookie factory, Vegetable processing plant, Textile

Food and Beverage- Dairy Products, Wineries, Breweries, Meat Packing, Orange Juice factory, MicroBlock Environmental Leverage Inc

Ornamental Pond for algae control, Nursing home lift stations and kitchen drainswastewater

Steel Mill, Animal Feed lot, Palm Oil

Municipal wastewater treatment plants, Grease, Filaments, Sludge reduction

Municipal Lift Stations

Barbecue Restaurant,

Nitrification recovery

Industrial- Food, Paper, Chemical, Refinery, Animal Feed lots, etc.

Hospital and Hotel,  Marine Environmental
Home septic,  Salt water Environments
Ponds,golf courses and ornamentals
Fish and Shrimp Farming

Liquid biological products are available where ease of application is required.
Hanging MicroBlocks are also available.


MicroClear® MicroChill contains a unique and newly patented proprietary blend of psychrophilic microorganisms that are naturally occurring bacteria with the ability to grow at 4°C, and lower. Excellent for use in cold weather applications. Because of the diversity of the microorganisms and enzyme systems, incorporated into this product, it is excellent for use in Municipal and Industrial Wastewater applications. The safe, naturally occurring bacteria are present in high numbers to handle difficult to treat wastewater problems in lower temperatures.


MicroClear® and MicroSolv™ is our Common names for all our Bioaugmentation products. Click this link for a Product Catalog of all our MicroClear® MicroSolv™ Products.


MicroBlock Liftstation FOG reducer bacterial product wastewaterMicroClear® MicroBlock is a solid, bacterial laden, slow release block for use in degrading organics. Reduce your FOG issues. The safe, naturally occurring bacteria are present in high numbers to handle difficult organic problems.  The unique block will gradually dissolve over a 30-90 day period which allows for continuous treatment and degradation of waste. The naturally occurring bacteria contained in the block will reduce odor, sludge, fats, oils and grease buildup. MicroBlock™ gives round the clock FOG waste degradation treatment with a simple, easy to use system. Simply suspend the MicroBlock™ into the treatment area, hanging the MicroBlock™ below the level into the lift station liquid, wet well, grease trap or pre-treatment site.





waterBioremediation is a treatment process that uses naturally occurring microorganisms to degrade hazardous substances into less toxic or nontoxic substances. This can be done on soil, in water, lakes, rivers, ponds, in-Situ for contaminated sites.


Micronutrients - MicroClear® M100 click  for a Product Bulletin.

Research biologists have long known the importance of micronutrients, such as trace minerals, amino acids and vitamins, in the growth and reproduction of healthy cells.  Micronutrients are a blend of trace minerals, amino acids and vitamins designed to improve performance of biological systems at the bacterial or cell level. Much of the work on micronutrients was pioneered in the agricultural industries of poultry, cattle and pig farming.  This product is fed daily as a source of vitamins to the animals.  winter wastewater
Under controlled conditions, researchers have been able to develop formulations that provide an optimum micronutrient balance to ensure rapid and healthy growth for bacteria in a biological wastewater setting. These micronutrients enhance biological growth and providing the critical building blocks necessary to maintaining a healthy floc-forming population. Our product MicroClear® M100 is a naturally occurring product, not a blend of chemicals.
aeration basinBasically, it is the equivalent of "Bug Vitamins". The formulation consists of three types of micronutrients: trace minerals, amino acids and vitamins.  There are sixteen trace minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, cobalt, copper and zinc.  The formulation also includes twenty amino acids, such as lysine, and thirteen vitamins, including folic acid.
Micronutrients are metallic cations or anions such as: Ag, B, Cr, Co, Cu, F, I, Mn, Mo, Se, Si, Sn, V, and Zn.  Although their composition is small in relative quantity, (less than 1% of total microbial weight), micronutrients are indispensable for life and form bio-molecules that have specific cellular functions.

MicroClear® M100 - CLick on this link to take you to the M100 page or Click on product picture to the right for Pdf of the Product.



MicroClearM100 Micronutrients wastewaterBenefits  to  bioaugmentation

Key Benefits

  • Increased BOD and TSS removal
  • Reduction in polymer consumption
  • Decreased environmental liabilities
  • Increase in system reliability and efficiency
  • Increased Sludge Reduction/Reduced solids handling costs


  • Activated Sludge systems refinery remediationlagoon remediation
  • Ammonia cultures for nitrification
  • Bioblocks for lift stations and hard to reach spots
  • Collection System-Sewer and Drain Cultures
  • Micronutrients
  • Grease Control & Lift station Maintenance
  • Lagoons
  • Lake, pond and river remediation
  • Additional Products and formulations

**Bioaugmentation Programs include technical support, computer based training and long term programs include occasional complimentary Wastewater Biomass Analyses of your system.



List of Bioaugmentation products: Click this sentence link for Product Catalog


Surveys show that customers prefer the ease of throwing in a pre-measured water soluble pouch to scooping, handling and cleaning up after handling bacterial products.  Water soluble pouches are made of a specialty film that when placed in water, will dissolve away releasing the product contained within. The film will not dissolve in oil or with oil based fragrances, colorant, etc. Using different types of  film and various thickness, the rates at which the pouches dissolved can be controlled creating a longer lasting effect.


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