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Bioaugmentation products for Wastewater applications in Papermills, Refineries, Chemical, Tanneries, Municipalities, Textiles, Steel, Agriculture, Animal feedlot,  Gun Powder plant, Food and Beverage- Dairy Products, Orange Juice factory, Wineries, Cookie factory, Vegetable processing plant, Meat packing, Barbecue Restaurant, Aquaculture, Ornamental Ponds for algae control, CAFO, Nursing homes, Military, Campgrounds, Universities, Regulatory agencies



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Filamentous Identification Lab Service. One reason to identify filaments is to determine the filaments characteristics and then determine the type present.  If the type is found out, a root cause can usually be associated with a particular filament.  If the cause is known, then a correction can be made to alleviate problems. Chlorination is only a quick fix.  Without process changes, filaments will grow back after chlorination.

Wastewater Biomass Analyses and Cooling Tower Analyses also available


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Training is an integral part of any job. Not everyone is at the same level of training. Many people want beginning concepts and basics. Some need technical information or troubleshooting. Some want equipment, technology or process information.

We have developed a full set of Basic training, Advanced training, Filamentous Identification the Easy Way as well as custom training CD's Manuals. We also provide hands-on training classes and soon will have an Online "E-University".


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At Environmental Leverage® Inc., we have a team of experienced individuals who come into your plant with a fresh pair of eyes.  The system is checked from influent to effluent.  System optimization, equipment efficiency and operational excellence are key components explored. Key Benefits Equipment efficiency Total Cost of Operation reductions Reliability and safety

An onsite audit is conducted to examine system parameters, process controls, and current monitor and control procedures. A physical walk-through is conducted, process flow diagrams are examined, previous design criteria are examined and current standard operating procedures are evaluated along with data logs.




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We have just added "Virtual Audits" to our capabilities. Check out our new Services.  We are in the process of developing new courses for our ""Online E-University" in order to meet the needs of our global customers that cannot travel to our public classes.Visit our new website


Type 021N and ZoogleaA New Way to Look at Filaments. The Easy way™  Simplified Identification.

This Training program is really more like a Filamentous Encyclopedia. There are tons of files, thousands of photos and examples. There are filaments, Case Histories, Troubleshooting, Training, Causes and Controls, Photomicroscopy, Foaming, Bulking, Bridging, Sample procedures, Staining, and when you get right down to it,
How to Cheat and make it all seem simple!!!!


The Most Comprehensive Filamentous Bacteria Training Program you will find!!

               Filamentous Identification The Easy Way™ CD / or Flash Drive
Now released this Advanced CD for Filamentous Identification. Learn how to troubleshoot your own plant & existing problems to run your plant more efficiently. Learn the causes from each filament. Click sentence below for order form & we will contact you back or call us at 630-906-9791 or email

$395.00 - This Advanced Filamentous Training CD is packed full of years worth of sampling. All gathered into one great collection.


All items on the CD's & Learning Materials are copyrighted. At no time, unless with written permission from Environmental Leverage (Tracy Finnegan)

is the material on these CD's to be used for commercial training purposes.


low nutrient filaments


Filamentous Bacteria - © Filamentous Identification The Easy Way™ !!!

Table of Contents:

What are filaments

General Overview

How they impact a plant

How to examine them

Filamentous Identification- methods used


Gram Stainfilamentous identification

Neisser Stain

LactoPhenol Cotton Blue

Sudan Black

Additional Stains

Using the microscope- tips and procedures





Digital Photomicrographs

Recording your results

Filament and Floc Characteristics


Overall Biomass characteristics

Filament Characteristics

Individual Filaments

Grouping Filaments to find associated causesslide preparation

Zooglea, fungi, tetrads and other problem causing organisms

Bulking vs. Bridging

Internal vs. external


Causes and controls

Types and process controls

Cheating and using individual characteristics to skip to the chase

Let's get to the easy way

Plant Troubleshooting

Causes of Filaments

Controls of Filaments



Interesting websites for more information

Sample Case History

More Information

Additional training Materials


© Filamentous ID The Easy Way™ is a great CD / or Flash Drive, of training packed full of filaments and identification training. Only $395.00
Take advantage of years’ worth of gathering from around the world of sampling.
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Our version of "Filamentous Identification for Dummies"!!!

We have had tons of people ask us to train them on how to perform a Filamentous Identification. After seeing thousands of sample, you start to learn a few tricks.
Remember, the most important part in performing the filamentous identification is in learning which process changes to make to the plant based upon the analyses.   Getting every single filament in the sample with the "correct" filamentous identification is not as important as figuring out what is wrong with the plant.  What is going on  that is making the filaments grow out of control, how to fix it and run the plant the most efficiently is really what is critical!  We have a few tricks up our sleeve that can make it a bit easier to decide what is wrong, which filaments are present and more importantly, how to fix the plant long term!!!

case histories


There are Case Histories with plant photos, troubleshooting, causes and controls of the filaments present, photomicrographs and how to fix and optimize the plant.  Sample Case History


cell shapes

There are numerous training programs from our two day hands on training class for Filamentous Identification


type 021n

Each Filament has its own section, with tons of photos, training materials, identifying characteristics, troubleshooting and causes and controls.

See a PDF example sheet with Type 021N


using the microscope

There is a section on how to use the microscope, sample collection and preparation, stains, how to take photomicrographs, lighting, storage, graphing and correlations.


Filamentous Bacteria Causes and Controls

It is one thing to learn an individual filament and the characteristics. Unfortunately the filaments do not play by the rules in real life and many times there are more than one type of filament in a plant. Grouping Filaments-This section shows you how to group filaments, find common causes and controls quickly and easily!


How to troubleshoot a plant in order to make it run more efficiently and also how to make your life easier to run the plant is really the whole goal of the training! This is not high school or college and you get an A+ if you score the correct results on the filamentous identification. The whole purpose of doing the analyses is to find out how to make your plant work better, cheaper and easier!


We developed a guide to understanding the terms for using the microscope as one of the most powerful tools you can have to run your "Bug Factory" because that is in reality what a wastewater treatment plant is!

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© Filamentous Identification The Easy Way™ - Training program CD only $395.00 with years worth of sampling from around the world.

Start your way now to a cleaner, brighter effluent with fewer hassles in your waste treatment plant.


All items on the CD's & Learning Materials are copyrighted. At no time, unless with written permission from Environmental Leverage (Tracy Finnegan)

is the material on these CD's to be used for commercial training purposes.


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The Most Comprehensive Filamentous Bacteria Training Program you will find!!!

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Filamentous ID The Easy Way Training CD


How are your bugs doing?


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