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Biological Products:

Bioaugmentation products for Wastewater applications in Papermills, Refineries, Chemical, Tanneries, Municipalities, Textiles, Steel, Agriculture, Animal feedlot,  Gun Powder plant, Food and Beverage- Dairy Products, Orange Juice factory, Wineries, Cookie factory, Vegetable processing plant, Meat packing, Barbecue Restaurant, Aquaculture, Ornamental Ponds for algae control, CAFO, Nursing homes, Military, Campgrounds, Universities, Regulatory agencies



Lab Services:

Filamentous Identification Lab Service. One reason to identify filaments is to determine the filaments characteristics and then determine the type present.  If the type is found out, a root cause can usually be associated with a particular filament.  If the cause is known, then a correction can be made to alleviate problems. Chlorination is only a quick fix.  Without process changes, filaments will grow back after chlorination.

Wastewater Biomass Analyses and Cooling Tower Analyses also available


Training Materials:

Training is an integral part of any job. Not everyone is at the same level of training. Many people want beginning concepts and basics. Some need technical information or troubleshooting. Some want equipment, technology or process information.

We have developed a full set of Basic training, Advanced training, Filamentous Identification the Easy Way as well as custom training CD's Manuals. We also provide hands-on training classes and soon will have an Online "E-University".




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What's New!

We have just added "Virtual Audits" to our capabilities. Check out our new Services.  We are in the process of developing an ""Online E-University" in order to meet the needs of our global customers that cannot travel to our public classes. Stay tuned for details and updates.


Environmental Leverage is made up of a team of individuals with a diverse and extensive background in water and wastewater treatment experience.

At Environmental Leverage Inc., we offer a number of wastewater products along with highly specialized services to complement your existing programs. Trained professionals will bring the latest technology and innovations to your site to help you develop sound business solutions to improve your bottom line.


Areas of expertise include in-depth process knowledge, hands on troubleshooting, equipment optimization, training and development, system auditing, Laboratory expertise for biomass analysis, chemical and biological additives, design and control. Training, consulting, audits, troubleshooting, product optimization and plant efficiencies are just a few services that we are able to provide.


Some of the Industries served: Municipal, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Steel, Food and Beverage, Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Rendering, Textiles, Animal feed lots, Refinery and Petrochemical, Meat and Poultry, Institutional, Restaurants, Ballast tanks for shipping, Cruise Lines, Hospitals, Petrochemical, Laundry, Bakeries, Agriculture,  Gun Powder plant,  Orange Juice factory,  Cookie factory, Vegetable processing plant, Meat packing, Barbecue Restaurant, Aquaculture, Ornamental Ponds for algae control, CAFO, Nursing homes, Military, Campgrounds, Colleges, Food processing, Breweries and wineries, Meat and fish processing, Commercial laundries, Soft drink bottlers, Dairy products, Landfill leachate, Tanneries,  Vac trucks,  Aquatic animal production,  Acid Tar, Tanker truck cleaning and car washes, any type of organic remediation including Ponds, Soil, Rivers and Lakes.


We also have numerous distributors all around the U.S. and now in New Zealand, Israel, Pakistan, Spain, Venezuela, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Switzerland, Poland, Guatemala, India, China, Canada and Mexico


Customers in United States, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Pakistan, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Turkey,  Ireland, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Ireland, Guatemala, Israel, Afghanistan, Dubai, Singapore, Estonia, Greece, Italy, India, Norway, Philippines, Maldives, Poland, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Korea, Vietnam, Switzerland


Industrial facilities, Municipalities, Universities, Regulatory agencies


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Environmental Leverage Inc. has just opened our new offices.   We are continually expanding, with our capabilities also!



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